Akashic Career Mastery @ Virtual
Feb 4 @ 5:00 pm – Aug 25 @ 7:00 pm

This 7 month Akashic Career Mastery Program will prepare you to go from novice Akashic Consultant to a Certified Akashic Consultant and Healer.

Providing Akashic Consultations to clients enables you to help bring clarity, insight, and understanding to others through the Akashic Record.

Course 1 & 2: Sedona, AZ @ Poco Diablo Resort
Apr 18 @ 10:00 am – Apr 20 @ 6:00 pm

During this 3 day event, you will complete both Akashic Course 1 and Akashic Course 2.

In course 1, you will learn how to access your own Akashic Record using a vibrational key in the form of a sacred prayer. This is an empowerment tool for life as you receive divine guidance from your soul library. You will learn how to ask questions that will give you the most beneficial answers, release old patterns that no longer serve you, turn off doubt and align your 3 Brains for greater insight, gain clarity around the creative steps to take next, and work with soul contracts that no longer serve you.

Then, in Course 2, you will explore additional areas of your Akashic Record in order to gain greater wisdom into your soul’s purpose, including:

  • Past lives and how they affect us today through Karma, Soul contracts and vows.
  • Our Ancestral and Genetic Lineage; it’s wisdom & out-dated beliefs
  • Our Soul Lineage and how it connects to our soul purpose in this life
  • Self esteem, self doubt and Self-Love. How to use your Akashic Master to heal our childhood and past life traumas that leave us feeling “less than”.
  • Super power your Creativity using the Akashic Records

You can also enroll in Course 1 or 2 separately.