Amor Luz Pangilinan
Business Name
Infinite Akashic

Having a direct connection to the Universe, the Source of Creation itself is quite an amazing and exciting topic for me to teach!  It is an evolutionary step when you decide to expand in your intuition and learn how to access the infinite mind, infinite akashic field, the universal "super computer", to re-member all that you are.  The courses developed by Lisa & Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom makes it easy, graceful, fun, user-friendly!  As a Certified teacher, I enjoy facilitating the Course classes where you discover and learn how to access your personal Akashic Record wisdom.  "Receive soul guidance everyday and change your life in tangible ways." - Lisa Barnett

As a Certified Consultant and having facilitated hundreds of people into the Akashic Records thus far, I have developed quite an array of tools to help you get to the heart of the matter of your inquiry.  Soul purpose, potentials of destiny, service, career?  Relationships?  Clearing & self healing of Karma?  Vows, contracts, hidden, or masked blocks?  Insightful information awaits you!  If needed, I can assist you to prepare the questions you may consider to ask when we access your Akashic records.

I look forward to be a teacher or personal consultant for you!  Namaste.   Mitakuye Oyasin - "to all my relations"

Christopher Barham

Christopher Barham's intention is to help people align with unity, love, care, and compassion, so they shine like stars as they fully express their deepest selves.

Christopher experienced an awakening to his life-purpose the first time he read someone’s Akashic Record, and wishes to assist All with the Akashic modality.  Christopher can assist individuals, family members, team leaders, business, pet, and property owners, with a wide range of guidance, healing, upgrades, and development. For example, pain reduction, soul purpose, relationships, abundance and poverty consciousness, house or land clearing including entities, alien technology removal, dis-ease processes, pet concerns, etc.  Christopher is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and has tertiary education in Music, Business, and Education.

Holly Toscanini
Business Name
Create Soul Balance

Holly Toscanini believes everyone has the right and ability to access their Akashic Records.  As a clear channel for the Akashic Field, she teaches her students to access their own Akashic Records in order to facilitate acceptance and forgiveness, as well as the release of negativity, blocks and resistance that keeps them stuck. As a conduit for the Divine, she illuminates the path her students are on with integrity and compassion, giving them the confidence to access their Akashic Records. This empowers them to fully express their unique soul’s purpose and bring a greater sense of gratitude and joy to their daily lives. Patient, nurturing and supportive, Holly works with anyone who yearns to fully express their purpose and passion no matter their level of experience. She loves helping her students succeed as well as being a part of their lives. Holly understands that the best teachers are lifelong students and is continually learning, not only from all the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Teachers, but from her students as well

Linda Berger
Business Name
Coach Linda Berger

Linda Berger, Business Coach, and International Akashic Record Teacher/Consultant has been sharing the knowledge from the Records for 25+ years.

Her Superpower... being fluent in two powerful languages: The Language of the Spiritual/Soul Growth and the Language of Strategic Business Growth, two power partners aligning businesses and their owners to be purpose driven following the blueprint of the Soul of the Business.

Ready for assistance and healing Personally with your relationships, old patterns in thinking, karma, and emotional blocks…OR… overcoming Business overwhelm, getting more clients, sabotaging mindset, and/or creating sustainable income. Whichever you choose, you will move your life or business forward with clarity, confidence, and a greater sense of self-love.

Need assistance and healing in your relationships, old patterns in thinking, clear karma, and emotional and health blocks? Choose ‘Schedule with Linda -Personal’

Need to know without doubt what your next steps are to create a powerful impact in your business? Time to get out of wanting to move on to having. Choose ‘Schedule with Linda -Business’

Your Akashic Record Keepers will lovingly guide you in your life and/or business.

Lisa Barnett
Business Name
Akashic Knowing

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of seemingly unnecessary and unwarranted suffering – whether financial, spiritual, physical, social, or emotional – you may find that accessing the wisdom of your soul will answer many of your questions. Lisa has more than 20 years’ experience doing just that for her clients.

As the Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, Lisa has taught countless students around the world how to access their own Akashic Records, using a dynamic and powerful short-cut to the Akashic Field … Lisa helps her clients and students to heal their emotional scars, clear soul contracts, and walk their own true soul path. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with clients over the phone or via Skype and teaches in-person and over the phone plus offering pre-recorded Course 1 & 2. Lisa is also willing to travel to teach a class in your area if you have 10 interested students.

In an Akashic Consultation Lisa specializes in empowering individuals by answering the questions that arise in their lives and by helping them to aligning with their Soul Path. Her special healing technique called “Pain Body Release ” energetically helps her clients let go of their accumulated emotional pain, which may have been present throughout numerous lifetimes. This ancient Akashic wisdom helps you at a Soul level to create the Life Your Heart and Soul Desires.