Allisen Norvik

Allisen Norvik is a trained spiritual healer and a certified Akashic Records Consultant. For more than 13 years, she has been professionally helping people from all walks of life to move forward on their self-healing journey, guiding them to create a more positive life experience. Allisen resides in California, United States. With her long-distance consultations/healings, she looks forward to serving more people from a higher purpose.

Amor Luz Pangilinan
Business Name
Infinite Akashic

Having a direct connection to the Universe, the Source of Creation itself is quite an amazing and exciting topic for me to teach!  It is an evolutionary step when you decide to expand in your intuition and learn how to access the infinite mind, infinite akashic field, the universal "super computer", to re-member all that you are.  The courses developed by Lisa & Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom makes it easy, graceful, fun, user-friendly!  As a Certified teacher, I enjoy facilitating the Course classes where you discover and learn how to access your personal Akashic Record wisdom.  "Receive soul guidance everyday and change your life in tangible ways." - Lisa Barnett

As a Certified Consultant and having facilitated hundreds of people into the Akashic Records thus far, I have developed quite an array of tools to help you get to the heart of the matter of your inquiry.  Soul purpose, potentials of destiny, service, career?  Relationships?  Clearing & self healing of Karma?  Vows, contracts, hidden, or masked blocks?  Insightful information awaits you!  If needed, I can assist you to prepare the questions you may consider to ask when we access your Akashic records.

I look forward to be a teacher or personal consultant for you!  Namaste.   Mitakuye Oyasin - "to all my relations"

Christina Warmenbol
Business Name
Light Steps

You want to discover the deep roots of what holds you back in your life about your relationships? Your health? Choices to make or blocks to neutralize?

The soul path of Christina has led her to discover this awesome connection to Source as an Akashic Record Reader. In spirituality since 40 years she has been working with the aura and chakras and helping people explore their own prenatal period and clear what has influenced them negatively. She is also a Childbirth and Prenatal Educator and with the light of the Akasha she can help the incoming soul and its parents to build up this lifetime with the highest and best elements so the soul can express its essence immediately.

With a loving heart, her work in the Akashic Records evolve around Past Lives, Prenatal and Childhood experiences, Ancestral influences in order to heal trauma, blocks, limiting beliefs and vows, relationships, poverty consciousness, soul contracts and she sheds light on the purpose of this incarnation.

She is based in Western Canada, in British Columbia, but is originally from Belgium and does readings in English, French and Dutch.

Christopher Barham

Christopher Barham's intention is to help people align with unity, love, care, and compassion, so they shine like stars as they fully express their deepest selves.

Christopher experienced an awakening to his life-purpose the first time he read someone’s Akashic Record, and wishes to assist All with the Akashic modality.  Christopher can assist individuals, family members, team leaders, business, pet, and property owners, with a wide range of guidance, healing, upgrades, and development. For example, pain reduction, soul purpose, relationships, abundance and poverty consciousness, house or land clearing including entities, alien technology removal, dis-ease processes, pet concerns, etc.  Christopher is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and has tertiary education in Music, Business, and Education.

Erika Mason
Business Name
Light Filled Life

Erika works with the Akashic Records specializing in pain-relief: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, to empower individuals in living a life filled with purpose. Her powerful, holistic healing methods work with the body's inner wisdom and soul's information to move from pain and uncertainty into a more harmonious relationship with the Self. Pain is one of the ways that the body and soul uses to communicate. Let’s find out what it wants to say. This journey may take us into your past, past lives, ancestral roots, and even into potential futures to release blocks, constrictions, patterns, gifts, and clear steps to help you love your body and your life even more.

Erika's Akashic consultations also often focus on relationships including assisting with: identifying chakra relationship connections of harmony and disharmony, repeating relationship patterns, soul contracts, clearing cords, energy blocks and leaks, assisting in releasing outdated contracts and identifying the personal work that will help unlock the keys to greater harmony in your relationships.

Practicing in holistic health intuitively since 2001, Erika brings a blend of science and spiritual knowing to her work. She has a BA in Psychology, and Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy. She currently practices Occupational Therapy in an outpatient setting specializing in persistent neck, back, headache, and pelvic pain. In an Akashic Record consultation, she brings her passion for assisting people with their spiritual growth, and experience she has gathered providing occupational therapy, massage therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, and teaching yoga, to help you find your next steps on your healing journey. She lives in Northern Colorado.

Francesca Thoman
Business Name
Your Akashic Wisdom

In your Akashic Records, Francesca Thoman discovers past lives, soul lineages, and your planet or plane of origin. With the Record Keepers, she creates prayers, shamanic meditations, and visualizations for many things, including abundance. She works well with soul paths, soul relationships, and current relationship questions, and can look into future lives. In addition to opening your Akashic Records, she can channel ET’s and relay communications from spirits.

Living in the SF Bay Area since 1961 she has worked with Beings of Light since she was 14. Her mother’s sudden death when Francesca was in high school catapulted her into a life of spiritual seeking. Marrying her computer engineer husband in 1990, she worked for Spirit Speaks magazine, channeling Obehon, and then worked with various ET’s through The Lodestone Bridge, and was ordained Lady Starhand by Olivia Robertson in the Temple of Isis in 1999.

When she met Lisa Barnett at a Whole Living Expo in San Francisco in 2009, Francesca knew that Lisa Barnett could give her the treasure of working in the Akashic Records, and she has been opening the Akashic Records for other people since 2010.

Holly Toscanini
Business Name
Create Soul Balance

Holly Toscanini believes everyone has the right and ability to access their Akashic Records.  As a clear channel for the Akashic Field, she teaches her students to access their own Akashic Records in order to facilitate acceptance and forgiveness, as well as the release of negativity, blocks and resistance that keeps them stuck. As a conduit for the Divine, she illuminates the path her students are on with integrity and compassion, giving them the confidence to access their Akashic Records. This empowers them to fully express their unique soul’s purpose and bring a greater sense of gratitude and joy to their daily lives. Patient, nurturing and supportive, Holly works with anyone who yearns to fully express their purpose and passion no matter their level of experience. She loves helping her students succeed as well as being a part of their lives. Holly understands that the best teachers are lifelong students and is continually learning, not only from all the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Teachers, but from her students as well

Jean Marie
Business Name
Clarity through Clearing

Working with Spiritual healing in several modalities since 2004, and now an Akashic Record Consultant. I specialize in clearing and removing all that is holding you back to achieve your goals, your dreams, your life's passion. Clarity arises after the clearing to bring in all positive aspects of life to your being. All areas of emotions, physical, mental, past lives or spiritual areas are brought forward to be released for your highest good. Each session is unique, individual to what is necessary to bring you into the enlightenment of the true you.

Jen Duchene

Jen Duchene combines mastery in both Akashic Record reading and Astronumerology (a modality that combines Numerology and Astrology) to guide clients back to their authentic self toward living a fuller, more joyful life. To this unique framework she adds her deep intuition and no-nonsense compassionate clarity to help you release years of emotional “weight,” change life patterns that no longer serve you, and create an action plan so you can move forward in your life with clarity, confidence and success.

From working with Jen, her clients report "recognizing life patterns immediately and gaining the knowledge and tools to see the bigger picture;" "seeing  with greater clarity how to run their business more effectively;” and learning “tangible relatable core issues…that gave almost immediate release during the session, and a lasting shift afterwards.” 

Jen provides a sacred, safe space and loving guidance in her one-on-one sessions, channeling your Record-keepers to reveal your personal life blueprint and fast-track healing so you can let go of whatever is keeping you from stepping into your Divine skin and living your Divine purpose, full-out and joyfully.

Lisa Barnett
Business Name
Akashic Knowing

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of seemingly unnecessary and unwarranted suffering – whether financial, spiritual, physical, social, or emotional – you may find that accessing the wisdom of your soul will answer many of your questions. Lisa has more than 20 years’ experience doing just that for her clients.

As the Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, Lisa has taught countless students around the world how to access their own Akashic Records, using a dynamic and powerful short-cut to the Akashic Field … Lisa helps her clients and students to heal their emotional scars, clear soul contracts, and walk their own true soul path. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with clients over the phone or via Skype and teaches in-person and over the phone plus offering pre-recorded Course 1 & 2. Lisa is also willing to travel to teach a class in your area if you have 10 interested students.

In an Akashic Consultation Lisa specializes in empowering individuals by answering the questions that arise in their lives and by helping them to aligning with their Soul Path. Her special healing technique called “Pain Body Release ” energetically helps her clients let go of their accumulated emotional pain, which may have been present throughout numerous lifetimes. This ancient Akashic wisdom helps you at a Soul level to create the Life Your Heart and Soul Desires.

Renee Schaible

Renee Schaible is committed to the empowerment and transformation of her clients. The Akashic Records provide information that will enable you to become the person you were meant to be. During the course of a reading, your records may reveal wounds and issues that keep you feeling stuck and confused in the present.   Renee can assist you in clearing and healing those wounds, whether they are from your childhood and/or past lives. Also, Renee may receive information during the reading about some new directions to take in your life and how to develop your innate gifts. Let the process of transformation begin!

Renee’s 25 years of experience in the metaphysical realm and knowledge of astrology, archetypes of tarot, the enneagram, and other fields of spiritual study bring an enhanced depth to her readings.

Sandy Rakowitz
Business Name
One Heart Healing Center

Sandy Rakowitz is a Certified Akashic Consultant and Healer, Multidimensional Life and Business Coach, and Animal Communicator. She creates empowering, heart-opening, transformational experiences in 1:1 consults and through unique healing adventure programs.

In 1:1 Akashic Record Consults clear accumulated pain, release of outdated, constricted beliefs, turn grief and challenging emotions into fuel for forward motion, transform deeply held stuck patterns, understand more about your soul’s purpose.

Are you a business owner? Sandy specializes in assisting business owners to access the Soul of their Business to learn their next edge of business growth.

In Sandy’s Multidimensional Soul Path Healing Adventure Program, experience a rare and safe haven for in-depth self-discovery, creativity, awakening your divinity, uncovering the soul of your business and finding your Mojo!

“I feel like I won the lottery!
Sandy, you add gentleness to working with business and money. Instead of feeling defensive around money, this gentle process is really helpful, exciting, and freeing.” Kris Otto, Bailey, CO

Make your unfulfilled dreams happen. Live life on purpose. Increase self-worth, net-worth, and thrive.

Set up a 1:1 Consult, or Book a conversation to enter a multidimensional healing adventure program.

Suara Lee

Suara Lee is a Los Angeles based Akashic Records healer. Focused on energetic healing and releasing blocks while in your Akashic Records, Suara will assist you in breaking through stuck energies. This is a time where we are all being called to lay down our blocks and burdens to live in peaceful expression of love and our soul’s purpose. Let’s work together to find an easier way.

Susan Andersen
Business Name
Akashic Soul Tuning

Susan Andersen is a highly intuitive and gifted Akashic Records reader. Her friendly, caring nature, love of people, broad life experience, global travels and work with many healing modalities make her a natural at serving a wide range of clients. It’s easy to quickly ‘feel at home’ with Susan.

Her mission is to assist you on your journey of fulfilling your heart’s desire and soul potential. Her readings can help you feel more self-empowered, joyful and in tune with your authentic self. With her unique approach to engaging the wisdom of the Akashic Record Keepers on your behalf, profound insights and healings can occur easily and effectively.

Comments from a few of her clients: “My reading was truly life changing.” “Thank you for creating a safe and comfortable environment to explore sensitive and painful areas of my life.” “I now understand my soul purpose better and how to overcome my present life challenges.”  “It made me feel very wonderful and at peace with who I am as a person.”

Susan grew up in Southern California and now lives in Denmark, where she does readings over Skype with clients from all over the world.

Suzanne Ravenall

Suzanne’s nurturing style but ability to cut to the chase, focusses on uplifting  others to unleash their capability to live a healthy happy life to the fullest,  she brings meaning to everyday life and not just how to use this to help transform (regardless of circumstances) but to live completely in the understanding of how we can grow all the time through how we relate to others and the environment around us and how we contribute every moment to our happiness or sadness.

Because of the variety of modalities studied these are combined or selected where needed to provide a total solution.

Suzanne has a Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate in Metaphysics. She is a certified practitioner in BodyTalk, Metaphysical Coaching & Counselling, Resonance Repatterning, Akashic Reading, Master Behaviour Coaching, and is a qualified Minister and Reiki Master . She is trained in Energetic Clearing, Mindscape (Alpha Mind), Biogeometry, Pendulum Healing, Regression therapy, Metaphysical Counselling, Animal communication, Radionics,, Herbal Healing, BodyTalk Lymphatic Drainage / Fascia Balancing / Structural Integration, Shadow work and Astrology (both eastern and western)

What others say: “Suzanne was absolutely bang on. I could completely relate to it. Issues I was carrying, certain feelings which nobody ever told me and felt totally helpless and disappointed with healers, she helped me with the answers and reasons. And also did clearings which I wanted to clear. I thank you from the bottom of my heart”