Suzanne Ravenall

Suzanne’s nurturing style but ability to cut to the chase, focusses on uplifting  others to unleash their capability to live a healthy happy life to the fullest,  she brings meaning to everyday life and not just how to use this to help transform (regardless of circumstances) but to live completely in the understanding of how we can grow all the time through how we relate to others and the environment around us and how we contribute every moment to our happiness or sadness.

Because of the variety of modalities studied these are combined or selected where needed to provide a total solution.

Suzanne has a Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate in Metaphysics. She is a certified practitioner in BodyTalk, Metaphysical Coaching & Counselling, Resonance Repatterning, Akashic Reading, Master Behaviour Coaching, and is a qualified Minister and Reiki Master . She is trained in Energetic Clearing, Mindscape (Alpha Mind), Biogeometry, Pendulum Healing, Regression therapy, Metaphysical Counselling, Animal communication, Radionics,, Herbal Healing, BodyTalk Lymphatic Drainage / Fascia Balancing / Structural Integration, Shadow work and Astrology (both eastern and western)

What others say: “Suzanne was absolutely bang on. I could completely relate to it. Issues I was carrying, certain feelings which nobody ever told me and felt totally helpless and disappointed with healers, she helped me with the answers and reasons. And also did clearings which I wanted to clear. I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

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