Sheryl Stradling

Sheryl Stradling

With over 25 years of metaphysical study and a background in holistic healing and the creative arts, Sheryl will access Akashic wisdom unique to your soul’s journey. She can help you release blockages, understand your soul path, live from your heart and empower you become more of the person you are meant to be. You have the power to create your future in every moment. The Akashic Records provides soul-level guidance to do so.

Sheryl’s mission is to help you to align with your soul’s journey. She is certified in Reiki Level III, breathwork, Chi Gong energy healing, massage, and Western herbalism. Her consultations can enhance your health, jumpstart creativity, heal pets and plants, give business direction and improve your home or property. Sheryl is an empath who loves to help others and looks forward to working with you!

Phoenix, AZ

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