Sandy Rakowitz
Business Name
One Heart Healing Center

Sandy Rakowitz is a Certified Akashic Consultant and Healer, Multidimensional Life and Business Coach, and Animal Communicator. She creates empowering, heart-opening, transformational experiences in 1:1 consults and through unique healing adventure programs.

In 1:1 Akashic Record Consults clear accumulated pain, release of outdated, constricted beliefs, turn grief and challenging emotions into fuel for forward motion, transform deeply held stuck patterns, understand more about your soul’s purpose.

Are you a business owner? Sandy specializes in assisting business owners to access the Soul of their Business to learn their next edge of business growth.

In Sandy’s Multidimensional Soul Path Healing Adventure Program, experience a rare and safe haven for in-depth self-discovery, creativity, awakening your divinity, uncovering the soul of your business and finding your Mojo!

“I feel like I won the lottery!
Sandy, you add gentleness to working with business and money. Instead of feeling defensive around money, this gentle process is really helpful, exciting, and freeing.” Kris Otto, Bailey, CO

Make your unfulfilled dreams happen. Live life on purpose. Increase self-worth, net-worth, and thrive.

Set up a 1:1 Consult, or Book a conversation to enter a multidimensional healing adventure program.

San Luis Obispo, CA

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