Linda Berger

Linda Berger
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Coach Linda Berger

Linda Berger is a Chicago based International Akashic Record Teacher and Certified Consultant. She is also an established Women’s Empowerment Strategist specializing in helping women over 45 live a life of meaning and purpose. Linda’s Super Power – the Akashic Records and being fluent in the language of business as well as the language of the heart and soul contribute to making her work so powerful and heartfelt. She can help in the areas that are causing the most pain both -personal and business/financial.

Spending the past 20+ years affecting transformational change at a very deep heart level to those she coaches, mentors, and teaches. Linda has taught Certified Consultants and Teachers-in-Training how to dig deep to access more profound information in the AR. She is known as the ‘Heart Teacher’ as her work in the Akashic Records is well-rooted-in the heart -often causing spontaneous healing.

“Our work and personal lives are more interrelated than we would often like to admit, as everything is energy. If you are feeling lack financially or energetically, it’s time to discover who or what is draining you so you can start filling yourself with the unconditional love offered to you in your Akashic Records. We can cover it all together with an Akashic Record Consultation and/or Class.”

“For over 20 years, the Akashic Records has been forefront in my life and work. The more we can learn about what we are meant to do and be, the easier it is to have a much fuller and richer life. We become a participating part of the flow of life. It’s magnificent and so are YOU!”

Chicago Metro Area

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