Jen Duchene

Jen Duchene combines mastery in both Akashic Record reading and Astronumerology (a modality that combines Numerology and Astrology) to guide clients back to their authentic self toward living a fuller, more joyful life. To this unique framework she adds her deep intuition and no-nonsense compassionate clarity to help you release years of emotional “weight,” change life patterns that no longer serve you, and create an action plan so you can move forward in your life with clarity, confidence and success.

From working with Jen, her clients report "recognizing life patterns immediately and gaining the knowledge and tools to see the bigger picture;" "seeing  with greater clarity how to run their business more effectively;” and learning “tangible relatable core issues…that gave almost immediate release during the session, and a lasting shift afterwards.” 

Jen provides a sacred, safe space and loving guidance in her one-on-one sessions, channeling your Record-keepers to reveal your personal life blueprint and fast-track healing so you can let go of whatever is keeping you from stepping into your Divine skin and living your Divine purpose, full-out and joyfully.

San Francisco, CA

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