Holly Toscanini
Business Name
Create Soul Balance

Holly Toscanini believes everyone has the right and ability to access their Akashic Records.  As a clear channel for the Akashic Field, she teaches her students to access their own Akashic Records in order to facilitate acceptance and forgiveness, as well as the release of negativity, blocks and resistance that keeps them stuck. As a conduit for the Divine, she illuminates the path her students are on with integrity and compassion, giving them the confidence to access their Akashic Records. This empowers them to fully express their unique soul’s purpose and bring a greater sense of gratitude and joy to their daily lives. Patient, nurturing and supportive, Holly works with anyone who yearns to fully express their purpose and passion no matter their level of experience. She loves helping her students succeed as well as being a part of their lives. Holly understands that the best teachers are lifelong students and is continually learning, not only from all the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom Teachers, but from her students as well

San Francisco, CA

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