Christina Warmenbol
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Light Steps

You want to discover the deep roots of what holds you back in your life about your relationships? Your health? Choices to make or blocks to neutralize?

The soul path of Christina has led her to discover this awesome connection to Source as an Akashic Record Reader. In spirituality since 40 years she has been working with the aura and chakras and helping people explore their own prenatal period and clear what has influenced them negatively. She is also a Childbirth and Prenatal Educator and with the light of the Akasha she can help the incoming soul and its parents to build up this lifetime with the highest and best elements so the soul can express its essence immediately.

With a loving heart, her work in the Akashic Records evolve around Past Lives, Prenatal and Childhood experiences, Ancestral influences in order to heal trauma, blocks, limiting beliefs and vows, relationships, poverty consciousness, soul contracts and she sheds light on the purpose of this incarnation.

She is based in Western Canada, in British Columbia, but is originally from Belgium and does readings in English, French and Dutch.

British Columbia, Canada

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