Amor Luz Pangilinan
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Infinite Akashic

Having a direct connection to the Universe, the Source of Creation itself is quite an amazing and exciting topic for me to teach!  It is an evolutionary step when you decide to expand in your intuition and learn how to access the infinite mind, infinite akashic field, the universal "super computer", to re-member all that you are.  The courses developed by Lisa & Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom makes it easy, graceful, fun, user-friendly!  As a Certified teacher, I enjoy facilitating the Course classes where you discover and learn how to access your personal Akashic Record wisdom.  "Receive soul guidance everyday and change your life in tangible ways." - Lisa Barnett

As a Certified Consultant and having facilitated hundreds of people into the Akashic Records thus far, I have developed quite an array of tools to help you get to the heart of the matter of your inquiry.  Soul purpose, potentials of destiny, service, career?  Relationships?  Clearing & self healing of Karma?  Vows, contracts, hidden, or masked blocks?  Insightful information awaits you!  If needed, I can assist you to prepare the questions you may consider to ask when we access your Akashic records.

I look forward to be a teacher or personal consultant for you!  Namaste.   Mitakuye Oyasin - "to all my relations"

San Francisco, CA

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