Renee Schaible

Renee Schaible is committed to the empowerment and transformation of her clients. The Akashic Records provide information that will enable you to become the person you were meant to be. During the course of a reading, your records may reveal wounds and issues that keep you feeling stuck and confused in the present.   Renee can assist you in clearing and healing those wounds, whether they are from your childhood and/or past lives. Also, Renee may receive information during the reading about some new directions to take in your life and how to develop your innate gifts. Let the process of transformation begin!

Renee’s 25 years of experience in the metaphysical realm and knowledge of astrology, archetypes of tarot, the enneagram, and other fields of spiritual study bring an enhanced depth to her readings.

Susan Andersen
Akashic Soul Tuning

Susan Andersen is a highly intuitive and gifted Akashic Records reader. Her friendly, caring nature, love of people, broad life experience, global travels and work with many healing modalities make her a natural at serving a wide range of clients. It’s easy to quickly ‘feel at home’ with Susan.

Her mission is to assist you on your journey of fulfilling your heart’s desire and soul potential. Her readings can help you feel more self-empowered, joyful and in tune with your authentic self. With her unique approach to engaging the wisdom of the Akashic Record Keepers on your behalf, profound insights and healings can occur easily and effectively.

Comments from a few of her clients: “My reading was truly life changing.” “Thank you for creating a safe and comfortable environment to explore sensitive and painful areas of my life.” “I now understand my soul purpose better and how to overcome my present life challenges.”  “It made me feel very wonderful and at peace with who I am as a person.”

Susan grew up in Southern California and now lives in Denmark, where she does readings over Skype with clients from all over the world.